Hair for Hair Extensions

We are frequently asked what is the best hair for hair extensions? what hair extension should I buy for my hair? how do I know these are the best her extensions? these questions all very much related to each other so we are going to try to answer them for you in one short article.

Let’s start with; Which hair extension should I use?

So  we are all born with different hair types, some of us have very fine hair, some have medium density hair and some of us have coarse hair. The best choice is to always choose a hair type that matches your own natural hair because we all want our real human hair extensions to seamlessly blend with your natural hair right?

Secondly, choose a type of hair extension which will give you the volume and or length you need without putting too much strain on your natural hair. For example, Weave Extensions, Clip In Hair Extensions and Micro Ring Hair Extensions are good if you have thick / medium healthy hair. Whereas, Micro Weave / LA Wefts, Tape In Extensions, Hair Pieces and Quad Wefts are better if you have fine hair. 

If your hair is a medium to coarse density the best hair type to choose would be Brazilian or Indian hair. Indian hair is soft and so is Brazilian hair, however if you’re planning on wearing a weave with leave out (where your natural hair covers the hair extensions from the front) - Indian hair or Brazilian hair are best.
For absolute thickness choose Indian hair because Brazilian hair also sits in a medium density type when its straight so it will not give as good a volume as Indian hair.
For a more sleek, refined and soft look, choose Brazilian hair.
Brazilian hair works very well with African-Caribbean an African-American hair types and it also works very well with Caucasian and Mediterranean had types as like we said, it’s a medium density.
The only instance when Brazilian hair can be quite course is when it’s Curly Hair Extensions therefore, if your hair is medium density straight or wavy you won’t want to choose curly Brazilian hair as you may find it too course and it may not sit perfectly with you natural hair. Again, if you're doing a full head of hair extensions, this point doesn't matter. We delve into full head extensions a little later. 
So now let’s move onto hair extensions for fine hair types, these extensions are best for people with European and Caucasian heritage so they’re very fine - however we must say that European hair can be worn by women of any heritage as long as they’re having a full head of hair extensions which totally covers up their hair. 
If having a full head of hair extensions you can have any hair type because you’re covering all of your natural hair. It’s the attachment and how you conceal the front which can be quite tricky but if you have a fine hair type we advise that you choose Russian Hair, European Hair or Eurasian Hair.
So lets talk about the best way to conceal your natural hair if you are planning to wear a full head weave. You can use a hair topper, Lace closure or Silk Closure. These are hairpieces which you can use to completely cover your own hair along with the hair extensions. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your natural hair matches the extensions or not because you’re doing a full head of hair extensions with a hair piece. 
So to conclude; if you’re doing a full head including a topper, silk based closure or a lace closure, you do not need to worry about the hair extensions matching your natural hair - you can completely change your look! However if you are leaving your natural hair at the front to cover over the hair extensions you must choose wisely and choose hair extensions that would best match your natural hair.
We hope you find this information helpful and this helps you in choosing the right hair for your hair extensions.