About Us

The Real Human Hair Company is based in London, UK and is a supplier and seller of the best, 100% real, unmixed unprocessed Human Remy Hair Extensions. Our company ethos is simple; to provide the most ethical and best human hair extensions in the form of virgin remy hair or gently coloured human hair. 

The hair we provide is from single donors only (per 75g-100g) therefore you can style, colour and treat our hair extensions as you would your natural hair - it is real.   

Our collection of real human hair extensions and remy hair extensions come only from their country of origin, with your purchase, you will receive a guarantee and certificate of authenticity. Unlike most hair extension companies, we do not import hair extensions from China. 

We kindly ask that you do not contact us to ask if our hair extensions are real - as that is all we sell; 100% real, unmixed human hair sourced from its country of origin from female donors / sellers. They are professionally coloured if you choose a non virgin colour from our colour chart, and made into your hair extensions. 

We ship to every country in the world using established and trusted courier and postal services such as Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS and Royal Mail. 

If  you have any questions you feel have not been covered on the website please 
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Buy your authentic and guaranteed real human hair extensions today. 

The images you see on our website are taken by The Real Human Hair Company and are rights protected. 

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