How to achieve the best-looking hair extensions


So, its 2020 and women are still confidently choosing to wear hair extensions for a whole number of reasons. Whether it is to give their natural hair more volume, to add extra length in order to achieve the glamorous look that real human hair extensions can give you or simply to add a little more swish, there is a hair extension option available that can make any of these dreams possible, just choose the extensions which are best suited to your needs and your salon or stylist will fit them for you. 

Choosing the right kind of hair extensions means that you can be confident that they will look great, that they’ll be easy to manage, and that they will feel completely natural. To help you to accomplish this, we offer Real Russian Hair Extensions, European Hair Extensions, High Quality Indian Hair Extensions and very rare and Real Peruvian Hair Extensions. Not only that, we have also put together our top tips on how to achieve the best-looking hair extensions which we hope will help you to find your perfect match.

How many types of hair extensions are there?

bulk hair, different types of hair extensions

There are loads of different types of hair extensions available, so you are guaranteed to find an option that suits your requirements.

One of the most important things to consider when deciding on which hair extensions to get is how long you want to keep them in for. If you’d just like to add to your hair on special occasions, or on those days when you feel like you need a little boost, you can opt for temporary hair extensions which can be worn daily or weekly.

Semi-permanent hair extensions are ideal for girls who would like to keep their extensions in for 6 to 8 weeks without removing them, while permanent hair extensions are the best choice if you would like to keep them in for months at a time.

The sections of hair become smaller depending on which of these options you choose, although by purchasing great quality hair extensions you can ensure that any of these types of hair extensions will look completely natural while you are wearing them. Temporary hair extensions include clip-ins and hair pieces, semi-permanent options are smaller sections of hair and are often tape extensions, whereas permanent extensions are applied strand by stand, often using micro link, micro rings or micro beads.

Are natural hair extensions best?

virgin hair, natural hair extensions

To put it simply, yes they are. Natural hair extensions are far more convincing than cheaper, synthetic examples which often don’t sit right with natural hair and only come in one tone.

When you choose natural hair extensions you are making an investment as the hair can be used multiple times, so always select the most expensive and high-quality hair that your budget will allow to ensure that you get the best option available to you.

One of the best things about natural hair extensions is that they come in a mix of natural tones rather than being a block of colour, meaning that they look completely natural and will complement your own hair. You’ll also find that they move with your hair just as you would expect, so you can swish your high quality hair extension locks with complete confidence.

How much are hair extensions?

The cost of your hair extensions will really depend on which ones you choose, and where you decide to purchase them from. As said before, you really don’t want to opt for cheap hair extensions as they will not last as long or look as good, and keep in mind that virgin hair extensions will last the longest, so always invest in these if you can.

Why choose The Real Human Hair Company?

real human hair company, real hair extensions

When you buy your hair extensions from The Real Human Hair Company, you can be confident that you are purchasing ethically sourced and traceable 100% human hair, and you will have the choice of a number of options which have been sourced from around the world. We pride ourselves on the variety of human hair that we offer, and have chosen the types we sell specifically for their amazing qualities. Our hair comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove that it has been sourced from its country of origin and is real human hair

With a range of different textures, colours, and styles to choose from, we promise that none of our hair extensions have been processed or mixed with synthetics, so you can treat them just as you would your own hair without fear of them not looking as perfect as you would expect them to. Plus, each 100g set comes from one individual hair donor, giving you the most naturally fabulous look possible.

What are the different types of hair extensions? 

We understand that all of the terminology can be quite confusing so we have compiled a description of each extension type we offer to ensure you order what you are looking for. We sell our human hair extensions by hair type, eg. Russian Hair, European Hair, Indian Hair, Peruvian hair and Eurasian hair. Within each hair type you can select which type of extension you would like or select "Other" and can write it into the notes box on the cart page if you cannot see it on the extension type list. Here are the main terminologies and their meanings. 

Weave Hairstyles
Weaves are created by using hair wefts which are also known as sew-ins. Your natural hair is corn-rowed on your head / scalp and the weft is sewn into your rows of hair. This is a semi - permanent type of hair extension that can last 6-8 weeks. Once taken out, they can be thoroughly cleaned and sewn back in. As The Real Human Hair Company offer the highest grade of human hair, you can expect your weave to last many years.

weave hair stylesweave hair styles

Micro Link Hair Extensions & Beaded Hair Extensions
These are also known as Micro Ring Extensions and Micro Bead Extensions 
They are one of the smallest extension types available, using the strand by strand technique, each individual hair strand is attached to your own hair using a looping tool and a small micro ring. 

micro link hair extensionsmicro link hair extensions

Keratin Extensions, Glue In Hair Extensions & Fusion Extensions
Keratin bond hair extensions
, also known as Fusion Extensions are strand by strand human hair extensions such as Nail Tips, U Tips, iTips and V Tips are all different types of glue in hair extensions. A heat applicator tool is used to melt each individual strand down which is then rolled or folded onto a small strand section of your own hair. Not sure which of these tip shape to buy? ask your stylist which one he or she prefers to use. 

keratin extensions, fusion bondskeratin extensions

Tape Hair Extensions
Tape Extensions, Tape In Extensions or Tape Hair Extensions are usually 2cm or 4cm wide sections of hair extensions which have an adhesive keratin glue section at the top. Your natural hair is sandwiched in between two tape in pieces and voila! you have one of the quickest hair extension applications available. 
Style Tip: each tape piece can be cut into smaller sizes before application, choose two colours and cut the tape in extensions when required to make a beautiful Balayage blend. 

tape hair extensions

Clip On Hair Pieces, Clip In Hair Pieces & Flip In Hair Extensions
Quad Wefts
are another name for Clip on and Flip In Hair pieces. A hair piece which is made from 4 layers of weave hair with different attachments such as clips or a clear unbreakable wire like you find on Halo Hair Extensions.
This extension type is one piece which can be easily clipped in or flipped into your hair without the need to visit a salon. Instant volume is added to your hair, this is the best extension type for those who want to wear extensions occasionally and short term. 

clip on hair piecesclip on hair pieces

All of the hair extensions listed above are made from our 100 human hair and can be made by us here at The Real Human Hair Company. We have chosen not to list all of these items as the variations are endless. So if you cannot see an extension type here listed on the website, please select "Other" and write the extension type into the notes box on the cart page. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the product page.