Are you looking for the best human hair extensions in London, UK or USA? 

Then The Real Human Hair Company, UK is the solution you have been looking for. We are the leading supplier of high quality hair extensions in the United Kingdom. Our human hair collection includes European, Russian, Indian, and Latino Remy human hair extensions which are imported from their respective countries and is delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity so you can rest assured that it is true human hair extensions. We ship worldwide to all locations!

What makes us different from the rest?

Most of you must be in doubt on whether this is possible, especially since you hear these claims all the time. Most hair companies claim to supply real human hair extensions but they end up being either fake or low quality and last for a very short period of time. We believe that we have the responsibility to provide you with the best product available that has a known source and is produced in by a highly skilled staff! We are a closely knit and community-based company and we are really passionate about what we do. 

The different types of human hair extensions that we supply

Indian Human Hair Extensions

We supply a wide variety of virgin hair extensions which are mainly outsourced from India which is a really large market for human hair. We only source it from one of the biggest temples in India and we believe it is right for our customers to understand the traditions and customs involved!  Auctions are held within these temples and the hair is sold to the highest bidder. The money raised during these auctions help to maintain the temples, support locals and to educate the children within the community! 

European and Russian Hair Extensions

This kind of hair has increasingly become sought after especially by those who have naturally fine / medium density hair and whose customs deny them a chance to use Indian human hair extensions. These are sourced from the mediterranean or slavic regions where the people’s way of life gives their hair a healthy smooth texture that will blend with your natural hair so well! 

Brazilian and Peruvian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair is mostly popular because of its versatility and thickness. However, many hair companies have been known to dupe their customers into buying fake Brazilian hair which is usually texturised Chinese or Indian hair! Our suppliers are situated in the rural parts of Latin America where the organic diets and chemical free foods leave the locals’ hair looking lavishing and beautifully thick! 

Learn more about the ethics behind our brand 

After the hair has been sourced and cleaned, it is then shipped to our production studios where it is coloured (if required) and made into hair extensions. 

We do not source our virgin human hair extensions from China because their quality is sub-standard and not favourable to our brand or clientele.  

Expect our hair to look and feel as real hair should without adding or mixing it with cover-up chemicals and silicones.

All of our human hair starts in Virgin Form, we only colour it if you select a colour that does not easily come in virgin form. As standard, the following colours will always be virgin and un-coloured: Very Dark Brown, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde and Grey Silver Hair Colours! Coloured hair tends to be: Reddish Brown, Chestnut Brown, Ash Brown, Light Ash Blonde, Platinum Blonde, White Blonde. To achieve the best colour match, you can also use our colour match tool here.  

Buy Real Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions.