The Real Human Hair Company Reviews

With over 16 years experience in the hair extensions industry, many of our clients have been with us since we first launched. The majority of our clients are public figures and executives who value their privacy and therefore we have only recently started asking our clients to leave a review through our website. Please find some of our real human hair company reviews below: 

Kiraly, Washington USA: 
Sorry this is coming late, I have been busy on vacation and looking great in my wig. This is one of the best and finest Human hair I have ever had. It's absolutely perfect, soft, has perfect volume, and no smell, the lace blends perfectly with my skin tone and it sits softly as well, and the hair is luxurious. I will be a regular customer just I'll not order close to an event date. One of the best hair I have owned, everyone just touches it and stares at it with so many compliments. I'll do well to send clients your way if anyone around me asks.
Thank you so much for this awesome hair. 

Tina, Ontario Canada:
Hi there,

I have received Order #1106 and the hair is stunningly platinum.  Nicest colour I have ever been sent!! 

Dion, New York, USA
I love my wig! Thank you, Its my first time trying an Indian hair wig, I feel much more confident wearing it and thank you for the velvet wig grip which is the best wig grip I've ever used!

Sarah, Washington USA
This hair is perfect! It's just the right length and the color matches perfectly. It's been through two fittings and still looks awesome.

Maxine, Texas, USA
I love the color of this hair! The highlights blend in so well with my natural hair. 

Kimberley, Florida, USA
These tapes are way better for me than those micro rings. They look more natural and the hair feels soft and silky.

Emma, Sydney, Australia
I'm so happy with the custom hair I got! and thank you for keeping me informed about my order status - its a long way to come!

Lauren, London, UK
This hair is exactly like the picture I sent in. The staff was super helpful, and I won't buy hair from anywhere else. It's fantastic!

Lily, Manchester, UK
I'm really loving my clip in extensions! Thank you!

Monique, New York, USA
They communicated well and shipping was fast. The color and texture is perfect!

Cleo, London, UK
Thanks for helping me pick the right hair extensions. I'll keep coming back for more. I'd recommend you to anyone looking for extensions.

Pablo, Barcelona, Spain
This hair is incredibly beautiful. I've bought hair from lots of places for my clients, but this is really the best.

Maria, Bristol, UK
The European Hair is easy to take care of and doesn't tangle. I felt confident wearing it down. Paying a bit more for this quality is worth it.