Real Hair Extensions, Real Responsibility.

The human hair extensions industry is worth between £45m and £80m, and still growing. It is an industry which some believe is unethical (in general). So we at The Real Human Hair Company want to share with you the ways in which we create the best quality fair trade hair extensions which are morally, environmentally and ethically responsible.

We offer a wide range of products including clip in extensions, tape in hair extensions and bonding extensions - always starting with Virgin Remy Hair. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure our ethical standards are just as high as our quality standards; giving you the best hair extensions, with a guarantee of authenticity and social responsibility.

Our hair comes from voluntary donations in India and from female sellers in Europe, Russia, Eurasia and Peru. In India, donating hair is part of religious tradition; Hindus are required to shave their heads at least once in their life and many women donate their hair throughout their lives. Temples auction the hair and the resulting income is used to provide food and refuge for pilgrims. All of our virgin Indian hair comes from a temple in South India, in turn helping boost India's local and national economy, where the hair market is worth around £175m per year.

There is a growing market for European hair and our suppliers source their hairs from hair cutting fairs where the women set prices and haggle for a deal they are satisfied with. No seller is coerced and the money earned is generous enough to fund education and living costs.
Due to its popularity, Peruvian hair can sometimes be held to lower ethical standards. Not at the Real Human Hair Company! We work with small, family-run businesses to ensure we know where our hair comes from.

We do not source hair extensions from China as we find that many factories are not transparent about their practices and they do not align with our ethical standards. Hair bought from China is often mixed, from ambiguous sources and expected to last 2-3 months while our hair lasts 1-2 years and arrives with a certificate of authenticity.

We even go a step further to ensure our suppliers adhere to our high standards: in order to source hair for the Real Human Hair Company, our suppliers sign an eight-point code of conduct. Points include a guarantee that the seller will be paid a fair rate in full at the point of sale, assurance that funds from hair obtained through religious practices will be used to benefit local communities and a confirmation that the hair processing method will minimise waste, refrain from using chemicals which harm the environment and aim to minimise carbon footprint.

We also work with highly trained staff here in the UK who share our values and work with us to make our hair into the highest quality ethical human hair extensions and wigs, for example, our custom made human hair wigs are made here in London.

For an in-depth and transparent look at our ethical human hair extensions sources and labour standards, we encourage you to visit our ethics page