Extensions Hair, Join the Ethical Hair Extensions Revolution.

Extensions Hair, Join the Ethical Hair Extensions Revolution.

Zero waste. Our world is in the middle of a revolution! While we're all increasingly aware of the ways in which to recycle plastic, glass and paper, hair extensions are hardly the first thing to come to mind when considering green living or recycling... but did you know that you can recycle human hair extensions? At The Real Human Hair Company, our human hair extensions are 100% recyclable - why? because they are exactly what we say - Real Human Hair and we send you a certificate of authenticity to prove it... just another way we are on top of the ethical hair extensions movement!

But why buy recyclable hair extensions?
No matter how natural some can look and feel, synthetic and mixed hair extensions are made of varied plastics, which do not decompose naturally. Instead, just like plastic bottles, straws and bags, they will stay on earth for hundreds of years- adding more dangerous plastic to the oceans and atmosphere. 100% Human hair extensions like ours, on the other hand, can be recycled in a variety of ways.


What can you do with human hair extensions?
Because our hair will last many years, our human hair extensions can be remade into ponytails, clip in hair pieces and wigs . However, hair extensions that have been worn and loved for a longer time and are not suitable to re-use can be used to save the planet in other ways: human hair is an excellent material for soaking up oils, which is why many donated human hair extensions are made into mats for mechanical and engineering workshops. On a larger scale, human hair mats are used to soak up oil spills in waterways and even the ocean, preventing more damage to the environment. Now, that really is zero waste!


Can you donate your own human hair extensions for recycling?
You can! Whether you choose to donate your hair extensions to one of the many cancer-focused charities for use in wigs or to a charity like Matter of Trust which uses its hair donations to soak up oils, simply research your preference and follow the instructions for donation on their website. Bear in mind that your human hair extensions may need to fit certain criteria for use in wigs.

How are our human hair extensions made?
While there are still some misconceptions regarding the manufacturing of hair extensions, we're an open book at the Real Human Hair Company! We're gladly joining the ethical revolution: we actively encourage you to buy only real, certified human hair extensions and re-use our human hair extensions - you can because they will last a very long time - years to be precise. We're also committed to an ethical approach when making our human hair extensions. Our hair is donated and purchased from women around the world, who are paid a good and fair rate. While China is a popular source for cheaper extensions, hard labour, chemical use and mixing with synthetics is standard practice, making these extensions unsuitable and unethical in the name of social responsibility. We've discussed this in greater detail on our ethics page. 

Why Us?
Here's another good reason why you should buy from us; you will save money in the long run, there is an old english saying - "If you buy cheap, you will buy twice" and that could not be more true! Cheaply made products are just not made to last, by the time you've become frustrated and have to buy another set of hair extensions, you've probably spent more than what you would have here...so our advice; invest in the best. 

From the original donation/purchase until the moment your human hair extensions are ready to be re-used, we are proud to provide the most ethical human hair extensions around. Real and recyclable: it's the only kind you should want to support.